It is not personal
Be grateful
Hear the whirrr of the engine
Let zoom by you
Just a little mark in time
It does not affect you here and now
So sit
Or stand
Whatever you may please
There now you can walk
Without seeing every life that has gone passed
But with consideration they exist
Each with their own individual stories
Unique as the next
Special as the next
But just the same

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Originally posted on Perplexing Thoughts:

A mellow moonlight is moving
upon your skin as you dance.
I’m hairsbreadth away,
certain that no one is closer
to the sun than I when around you.
This could be perfect.

I’m dancing on air within
a moment with you
I’m not too sure is real.
But I feel this night isn’t only
for making memories,
I do wish to tend to this feeling
even further.

I’m riddled in joy and despair,
fearing a minute with you
is a gift given to few, a bliss
treasured by even fewer.
So allow me this slight
piece of heaven and once more…
dance with me.

Waltz by Leonid Afremov

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Originally posted on LScott Poetry:

heart necklace

My heart beats with a joyful rhythm
thinking only of you in every spectrum

remembering my life before you sauntered in
is nothing but a speck of dust from back then

I wasn’t looking to fill a void of any kind
my world was content with no ties to bind

but now as my head lies on your shoulder
with you beside me, nothing could be better

and as your arm warms me in its caress
My heart whispers to you its thankfulness

  Lauren Scott © 2014

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Way too cheery. Gimme the Jungian shadow any day.

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Behind (conversation poem)

What if one,

Had eyes from behind?

Looking, blinking and rolling eyes

i wouldn’t know how to judge them, they would just be eyes

But why should I?

I would see the shape of their head and shoulders and width

They may have a Nice head or funny head or a lumpy head

But a beautiful, beautiful mind

I like hats; smooth, colorful, soft hats

But then they wouldn’t be able to see

Or maybe they could

But just couldn’t walk backwards

We don’t need to walk backwards, after all time flows forwards

Or is that just a fallacy?

Humans always seem to be walking backwards

Do you know how many times they bumped into each other?
How many times they tried to colonize already colonized land?

Boy, they are silly animals, aren’t they?

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HEY question!

Do any of you want someone to read your poetry for you?

i would love to!

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play on words Karma


why does it sound so sweet?


pure and sweet


but no,

good to balance the evil


but no

it is too salty

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