Why I believe that women should vote:

When you vote, it means that men don’t have all the power and control. It is about believing in yourself. It is about taking responsibility. I have concern when responsibility is not taken over actions. I also have concerns when the labeling of the term “lazy” is used but is not acted upon. Making excuses has become a cultural habit, from work, to school, to everyday life. We were brought up this way as children. When we were asked why we did something wrong, we were encouraged to make an excuse. I say that we need to stop this. Responsibility means that you have power. It means that you are worthy, it means that you are important, it means that you are trusted, and it means that you belong. This should be thought of as one of the greatest honors a human being can hold. We seem to fear responsibility because of the potential of being known as a failure. But so what if you regret electing someone? Human’s make mistakes. We learn and we grow. Our species is not stagnated, we are a moving and ever flowing machine. A few wrong votes does not stop us there. What matters is that you did something. It does not matter what you did. You have the power to do something women in the 1920′s long-fought for. So don’t shame away from responsibility. Instead, use it to change yourself. Use it to change the world.

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Reflective piece

People judge me, based on how I think of myself.
I am crazy on the average spectrum
Eye opener.
Ink spreads across my skull
And clears elsewhere
And I see more
I am of the system not the system
That is the norm
That is unique
That is America
Capitalistic drive
Communism insight
Working out a Balance
Of diverse inward and outward flow

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Ink spills into the water
Swimming through the current like a web
like dolphin
or a shark
with weapons worse than teeth
deflecting solar rays
Slowly, but surely darkening the water
But Just remember
When a smile is dangerous
The void seems empty but it is anything but
Only a few particles of light can escape it
But those who can
are the heroes

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Equal balance

Equal skill

Equal love for all who is

Holding up the balance, the perfect equilibrium

Filled with entropies

But just enough energies

i marvel, at the different color of skins

Brown, white, pink, yellow, black

Reflecting light from the sun in a different way each time

Because of those little genes that say

I am colorful

A white man, stares longingly at the flashes of deep ebonies and cinnamons

I am the man, he says, the women bow to me

And scorn me when I am bad

I told them that I must control them, so I did.

the black men welcomed me with open arms

Not because I was bad

Because they know what it is like to be a man

But when I compare them, I get sickish inside

I have arms that make my skin look unhealthy like paste

And they have such beauty’s darks like the velvet of the night sky

Dark like flirtatious

Dark like relaxing

Dark like wonder

The man says no, it isn’t fair

I am white like the light

And as pretty as the ice

I am the bringer of hope and leader of the tomorrow

And that Dark man is only dirt

The dark man says, yes, i am, and so are you.

We are of the dirt together, we are the people of mud

I am the Black gold that grows your crops and feeds your children and cures your cough

You, are the white gold, that shines so bright like the sun

Everybody loves you, they crowd you at all sides

You trade for anything with such greed

You steal from our lands so that you have benefit of being satisfied

You can get whatever you desire

i see you, like my brother

Like a man

Who is scared

Who is so self-conscious, that he does everything he can to prove he is good


But instead of being good, he gets mad

He hates the dirt, he hates the girl who told he was bad

He gets mad

Then he scapegoats

I, the black man, gets mad

I, the brown man, gets mad

It is something to do with the testosterone

That makes a man a man

He fights to get a girl

He fights to defend

He fights to defend himself

he attacks out of fear

He relaxes out of fear

And he dreams of power

I the color man, sees something else

I see how it can be

I see hope in bravery

A heart who defends but is not ashamed

A heart who is proud to exist just as is

Without the money, and the power and the broken truths

Because he does not want to hurt anyone

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I stand here, you stand here, they stand here

Of all the places on earth

Humans dwell in remarkable similar places

It feels right

It looks right

Fate put me here

My friends carve my path

How can we stay like this without trying out
Other perspectives?

Why not stand here?


Just a little more

Feel a little different

But not just the spaces we occupy are similar

But our thoughts too

We think, we feel the same

Sometimes different but our minds often move like a river

Slowly, and in one direction.

It is only our planet that is never in the same place

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My true love

I feel warmth inside

And sastifaction

For once I don’t need to worry


Like my love is known

And acknowledged

Like I have no worries

Like he tells me that everything is going to be okay

And it is.

Just okay

And more okay

He gave me Felix Felicis

In order for me to hope

And have luck

In my future

Oblivious or not

He taught me much

He gave me everything

But not everything

I kiss his soul

I fell in love with his passion

And opening of the key in the lock

So Thank you

Just thank you

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Mind palace

I created a cradle in mind

I hold it close

It defines my inner being as well as my outer being

A niche that parts time and derives in another space

I breathe

And am able to let go of my anxieties

There is no place for my angers and fears

I travel to many worlds from here

Where I am then hero

With multiple talents

Who everyone looks up to

Who everyone aspires to be

Who go to me to save them

From dragons, to giants and vampires

A place where I am safe.

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