How America’s justice system failed our children

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In 1989, children younger than 16 could be sentenced to die in the United States. Lawyer Bryan Stevenson (TED Talk: We need to talk about an injustice) represented some of these juveniles in Alabama, the state with the most children sentenced to death per capita. Read his chilling account of meeting Charlie, a 14-year-old tried as an adult for capital murder, in an excerpt from his new book: Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption.

“He’s just a little boy.”

It was late, and I had picked up the phone after hours because no one else was in the building; it was becoming a bad habit. The older woman on the other end of the line was pleading with me after offering a heartfelt description of her grandson, who had just been jailed for murder.

Charlie was fourteen years old. He weighed less than 100 pounds and was…

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Women’s Rights

waxed lips

eye canceler


to hide the face,

to cage the woman in man’s expectations

shower her confidence down until she is just a pool at the man’s feet.

every ripple he makes is another woman drowning in despair

the man thinks it is romantic, to hide his lovely bride behind a curtain

He says, “You mean the world to me, like a jewel in your jewelry box. I will keep you safe under lock and key because I will not let anyone steal you from me.”

So she is held fast to him

worse than hand cuffs because left to walk her path, as a follower

but no, he has her heart, chained

and the clouds drips down her face blending with the make-up

leaving smudges as if someone is erasing her soul

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Give Me Space

Don’t let the bubble pop, don’t let it explode

Honor the child, kiss them goodnight. Don’t feed their fears by throwing bombs out of spite. Make the dead fishes fly from our sight!

Blow them bubbles, make their world glow

There is a little world in each and every bubble, little earth,
little leaves and little baby animals hidden in the trees.

They don’t know about the other

Except they know, that they feel, the gravity, keeping each bubble in the balance

But they respect

And With no question

Just like a child whose learned

Not to pop the little swirly orbs

Of soap and water and air

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Words are the world

and poetry is taking that world

and building a universe

around it.

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Embrace your stress. A visual idea

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For many of us, just hearing the word “stress” can shorten our breathing and raise our heart rate. That has to be negative, right? In fact, stress can have positive side effects if we change our perspective, says psychologist Kelly McGonigal (TED Talk: How to make stress your friend).

Infographic courtesy of Superinteressante Magazine.

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Pieces of pulsing, gold black history

i bury my hands in

my fingers tingle with knowing of the life inside

The soil is me as it is I


And Unified

Transferable as with water


And slowly transforming into new shapes

As with I


Slowly changing and growing

Keeping my memories

And making new ones

Becoming something else.

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Heart pounding

Hands touching

Minds connecting

Eyes meeting

The way he speaks

His tongue forming perfect words

Words that define me

Words that mean me

I lick them up like sweet ice cream

The coldness gets warmer, and warmer

And melts my heart

And wets my eyes

And suddenly I can there is no longer a wall between him

That I can see

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