Day 11 Napowrimo

Baby Birds in nest.

Baby Birds in nest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just heard about this contest, I knew about Nanowrimo but not this so, after many days I will try it. I guess you can say I have been writing a poem everyday except that it wasn’t in response to the prompt. Anyways….So todays pormpt is to write a tanka with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. I wish you all have a wonderful happy beautiful day!

The water ripples
emancipating out
mirroring my reflection
the willow roots entangle
are red like the setting sun

Another one because I am in the mode!

Baby birds chirping
worms squishing down their throats
Their hearts beat warm with love
for the mother who feeds them
safe inside their home, close by
As always, just as it should be.

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